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Alexandra Kollaros

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Alexandra Kollaros, aka The Real Queen of Stuff First and foremost a life enthusiast, is an arts professional and author of the Public Best Seller “Greek Art from A to Z” (Key Books). Born in Athens, Greece, she studied in London and Florence, and tries to live between countries and continents. Find out more about Alexandra at her official website.

Her mission is to assert art into daily life and make the world more beautiful one artwork at a time.

And now, Alexandra presents her Royal Survival Kit.

According to my “destiny number“ which is No. 7, I had to come up with seven essentials. There we go, in no particular order (although creating and writing have to come first):


I need to be writing – a book, a blog post, my newsletter, a journal entry, an artist’s text, a recipe, a letter to a loved one – whatever, non-stop. And this is my book “Greek Art from A to Z.”

Note by Ino: Indeed, often people who have 7 in their numerology are writers!


I also need to be creating something or other, all the time. Whether it is an artwork or an object, a piece of jewellery or an illustration, even a concept for something. I just have to create.

Alexandra’s latest project, The Heart Factory. I got the “Chanel Heart” with the golden chain.


I adore discovering new places and cultures and I enjoy every new destination no matter what; let it suck, I will still love it.

At the Glass House Mountains in Queensland, Australia. I wish you travel soon!


Cooking – savoury or sweet, I like them both equally – gives me great pleasure. There’s something uplifting in nailing a recipe (and eating it afterwards).

Alexandra’s Royal Detox Soup recipe, perfect for quarantine days


Exercising keeps me sane, kickstarts my day and -crucially- saves me from becoming an orca whale.

Yoga home practice


I am a sucker for all things “beauty”: hair & make-up, body lotions, massages, treatments, spas – you name it, I want it.

Hair & make up – bliss

#7. DIY

Ah, the utter pleasure of fixing something with your hands (and a power drill), especially when you have to figure out the “how” yourself. A girl simply has to have DIY skills.

Ready for action

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