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Face mask: Let’s face it.

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Face masks are here to stay, whether we like them or not. In fact, I hate them, but I’m going to keep on wearing them as long as I need to. Period.

1. Single usage

B.C. (Before Covid-19) their price was 0.10 cents in pharmacies in Greece. I had bought 10 from a pharmacy near a hospital at a time when everybody was rushing to buy them and they were becoming scarce. Although they had more, I decided to buy as many as I would need for 2 weeks so that there would be more for the patients’ visitors at that time. Well, I still have 5 left today.

Nowadays they cost from 1 euro each (!) to 0.60 cents. At the Naxos Apothecary (Korres beautiful flagship pharmacy) downtown I’ve found them at 0.80. They told me that although they have plenty, they are high in demand.

This pharmacy has been my rescue place in quarantine time. Photo by me.

Google search proved to be useful (again). Skroutz.gr, a Greek startup who is now one of the most popular product search engines in the world, has some good deals and different brands here.

2. Cloth masks

Skroutz.gr has a wide range of products which (excuse me guys) I find repulsive. But they’re useful, even more than single usage masks, provided you don’t mind washing and ironing. Here’s the list.

But I’ve discovered my favourite ones in Facebook. They’re beautiful, different bright colours, oh so chic! They cost 5 euro each and they’re worth it. You can get one or two to cheer you up.

Photo of Lina Gavra’s FB page. Where to find them? At Lina Gavra store in Irodotou 17, Kolonaki.

3. DIY mask

It’s really easy and I’m going to use all my creativity. I don’t mind washing and ironing, I’ve trained for 52 days in “quarantine”. Thanks to a kind US Army Doctor, I’ve made my own mask out of a bandana that I never used. This is the video link.

Your money, or your life!

Here’s another more sophisticated also easy idea of hair stylist Bridget Brager.

And another idea from Pinterest, again no sewing necessary.

Alexandra has just sent me a smart video, how to make a mask from a sock!

Anyway, I’m waiting for Alexandra to make mine! And I’m sure it’s going to be perfect for me!

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