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A Paris: Sophie sews masks

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I’ve started a series of talks with friends around the globe. How is their life in quarantine? What do they miss the most? What are they doing now?

Sophie lives in Paris.

She creates clothes, bags and accessories with her unique artistic style. It’s a mixture of French chic and ethnic elements from different cultures.

Ethnik_EthiK (Sophie’s Instagram profile)

Sophie has a strong relation with India, a country that she often visits for inspiration and business. She has a strong sense of personal responsibility towards the world, humanity and the animal kingdom. Her brand is called Ethnik Ethik. Because she believes in fair-trade and giving back to societies that help her develop her creations.

What is Sophie doing today?

She creates masks and offers them as a gift to anyone working in times of COVID-19. She gives them to doctors but also to anyone whom she meets while they’re working, couriers, cleaning crew in the streets. Sophie says this is not just an offer to an individual but to society because it prevents spreading the virus. It’s work for the common good.

“Would you like a mask?” she asks them.

“Ouais, bien-sûr ! Merci!”

She takes care of her elderly mother and her son, Orphée whom she helps with his online schooling. She misses Greece so much, her home in the island, her Greek friends, the sea.

Ah, the sea! She bought her ticket for Greece this summer.

I so look forward to seeing her again.

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