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People I’ve met today

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May 1, 2020

I started my walk relatively late, that is before 10:00. I went to check my car, thank God the engine is fine after been parked for almost 2 months. On my way to Syntagma I bumped into Miranda with a cup of coffee on her hand. Strange how I accidentally meet friends on the street these days.

The sound of today was not the birds singing, but the dull rhythmic voices of some demonstrators. They view May 1st quite differently than flowers, nature and positive feeling. I stopped to watch them, it was a strange scenery, organised like a vintage parade in the Soviet Union, nothing to do with the usual Mediterranean chaos. Standing 1 meter apart, wearing red masks an red gloves. Communist chic.

I continued my walk, as the sound of the demonstration was fading away. I felt once more lucky and happy to live in Athens. I said hi to a nice cleaning lady and congratulated her for keeping our city clean. She was happy to hear that. She was enjoying a job that some may look down upon. A work for the common good.

I have to go to Acropolis. I will be one of the first visitors, once it opens.

On my way back, I pass through Andrianos Gate and the Temple of Olympian Zeus. I meet with a neighbour, the owner of Queen Bee caffe. I ask him which is the fastest way home. “Go via Zappion” he said. “I don’t know if it’s the fastest way but it’s the most pleasant.”

In Herodou Attikou street I see Lenia and her mother.

My phone rings. It’s Danae. Walking their dog, Uma, together with her husband they’ve found a cute dog who has been lost. Luckily he had a name tag with a phone but we couldn’t reach its parent. I take him home, ready to keep him forever, in case his parent did not show up.

A lady answers the phone. She runs to meet me. As soon as I get up to exit my apartment with Magas, I see his change of behaviour, he waves his tail happily. I think that he heard her voice when I was speaking to her on the phone. Or he sensed it in his own way.

While waiting on the street holding Magas, I get acquainted with Margarita, a neighbour that I’ve never met before. She has a dog too. Then I’ve met with a nice couple who lives next door and they have a schnauzer. Magas’ parent arrives and thanks me. She has four dogs, all of them were stray.

Was that a sign? Is it time to get a dog of my own?

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