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The sound of silence

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Sunday, April 26 2020

Walk in Athens

I woke up early as every day. I’ve sent a couple of messages to some friends: “If you feel like walking today, I will be in the historical centre for the next hour.” None of my friends is as an early bird like I am.

I feel blessed and lucky to live in this city. I’m proud of my country. We’re coping well up to now. Remains to be seen how we go on.

Very few people were in the streets of Syntagma and Plaka. That’s not far from where I live, so I have my excuse to make interesting walks legally. I discovered hidden treasures in the city, small streets, buildings, houses, green areas, cats, temples and churches next to them. I walk by a street with a church where a rock concert had taken place when I was in high school. It was a very small band of young boys.

I bought my Sunday newspaper which included the monthly edition of Vogue Greece. I’ve read it at home. A month ago (seems like yesterday) when I had bought the paper with Vogue Greece, I was afraid to touch it. I left it on my veranda for weeks until it fell apart.

The sound of silence

I enjoy silence in the city. It’s such a luxury, an unexpected gift. I hear birds all around, like we live in a garden. I even don’t put on music at home, to let my head clear of all sounds.

How long will this last?

Life in quarantine. Good or bad? Who can tell…

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